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All-Parts Trailers
Contact: Bud Stephenson 
Phone: (604) 755-1800
B &N Hot Rod & Fabrication Ltd.
Contact: Cheryl 
BA Custom Specialties
Contact: Ken Chapman
Phone: (604) 864-2247
Contact: Bruce Buckburough 
Phone: (800) 661-5313
Babco Equipment 
BC Vintage Truck Museum
Contact: Graham McNeill or Anna Dean 
Contact: Walter Wagner 
Contact: Walter Wagner 
Bullseye Auto Appraisals
Contact: John Robertson 
Phone: (250) 851-5281
Burgham Custom Engraving
Contact: Kevin Burgham 
Canadian Classic Auto Supply
Contact: Gerry Vineberg 
Phone: (778) 954-9887
Canadian Crate Engines
Contact: Rob Borden
Phone: (604) 757-2761
Canadian hot Rods Inc
Contact: Preston 
Canadian Hot Rods Inc.
Contact: Spencer 
Contact: Gerry Vineberg 
Contact: Roger Jamieson 
Phone: (784) 485-5427
Cdn Classic  
Classic & Performance Cars
Contact: Gary Yorke 
Phone: (604) 940-9633
Classic Mustang
Contact: Jeremy Mannall-Fretwell 
Phone: (250) 881-1803
Coastal Swap Meet
Contact: Rob Petty or Bill Trant 
Darby Motorsports
Contact: Rich 
Phone: (778) 888-4493
Dirty Monkey Kustoms
Contact: Neil Grocholski 
Phone: (250) 619-8828
Dreamwave Holdings
Contact: Michael Labonte 
Phone: (778) 839-3306
Contact: Randy Hunter 
Phone: (250) 656-2656
Empire Auto Wrecking
Contact: Sam Young 
Phone: (604) 864-8856
Extreme Dreams
Contact: Sacha 
Eye Kandy Kustoms
Contact: Aaron Wilson 
Frgies Kustom louvers 
Gibbs Brand Canada
Contact: Jim Odonnell 
Hagerty Classic Car insurance
Contact: Tyson Moore 
Phone: (604) 363-1991
Holiday Trails
Contact: George 
Phone: (604) 794-7876
Hot Rods & Classics Auto Supply 
IDK Designs
Contact: Ken Johnson 
Phone: (604) 807-6755
Interchange Recycling
Contact: Kari Kylo 
Interchange Recycling
Contact: Kari Kylo 
Interchange Recycling
Contact: Kari Kylo 
IWE Rear Ends Only
Contact: Ian Wood 
Phone: (604) 433-4717
IWE rear Ends Only
Contact: Ian woods
Phone: (604) 433-4717
Jellybean Autocrafters
Contact: Ewald Penner 
JellyBean Autocrafters
Contact: Ewald Penner 
KMS Tools
Contact: Lori Pridham 
KMS Tools
Contact: Lori Pridham 
KMS Tools
Contact: Lori Pridham 
Phone: (800) 567-8979
Lift King
Contact: Brian Parsley 
Phone: (778) 473-9353
Mopac Auto Supply 
My Car Publications
Contact: Terry Denome 
Phone: (888) 753-2111
My Car Publications
Contact: Terry Denomme 
Phone: (188) 875-3211
National Association of Automobile Clubs of Canada
Contact: John Carlson 
Phone: (604) 931-5948
Pacific Customs Brokers
Contact: Robert Petty 
Phone: (604) 538-1566
Preston Chev
Contact: Loren Cocking
Phone: (604) 534-5351
Cell: (778) 980-9783
Contact: Randy Harris 
Phone: (604) 835-2820
S&S Distributors
Contact: Glen Yates 
Phone: (604) 931-2481
Cell: (604) 649-7295
Specialty Vehicle Association of B.C.
Stone's Speed Shop
Contact: Kevin Stone 
Phone: (604) 392-3265
Cell: (604) 644-8272
The Badass Garage
Contact: Amy
Phone: (604) 768-7500
The Badass Garage
Contact: Amy 
Phone: (604) 768-7500
Tires Plus Automotive
Contact: Grant Didlick 
Phone: (604) 826-0101
Trev Deeley
Contact: Darwin Osarchuk 
Phone: (866) 510-2911
Vernon Cruise-In
Contact: Marianne Selles 
Western Driver
Contact: Patrick Stewart
Contact: Patrick Stewart
White Post Auto Museum
Contact: Vance & Keri Tierney 
White Post Auto Museum
Contact: Vance & Keri tierny 
Phone: (250) 835-2224
WhitePost auto Museum
Contact: Keri 
Phone: (250) 835-2224
Woody's Pub
Contact: Stephanie Yelton 
Phone: (604) 526-2678
Zone Garage Fraser Valley
Contact: Brian Neufeld 
Phone: (604) 615-1824
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